Our world keeps getting faster and faster and people are becoming more time poor.

As I meet and talk to new yoga instructors it seems the old value of having a ‘Guru’ or ‘Mentor’ to guide you on your yoga journey as student and as an instructor is being forgotten.

Technology in taking its place, videos of yoga classes posted on You tube, yoga Journal etc, Blogs, Q & A’s, you can google any question yoga related and find what you are looking for.

After having participated in a few Yoga & Self Knowledge Workshops with my teacher Rachel Zinman and her partner John Weddepohl, there was one thing that stuck with me. John talked about there being only one way to remove ignorance, with knowledge! Knowledge that is passed on by a teacher. The way we teach our children, through SHOW and TELL.

So why is this being lost in yoga?

As yoga has so many limbs to it I believe that we can have many teachers. One lady that I have felt a strong connection to through Facebook and her blogs is Nikola Ellis.  I am looking forward to this Advanced Sequencing Workshop to amplify my skills as a yoga teacher by a true, hands on teacher.

Why not join me on the journey?

Ask yourself:

Are you teaching casual yoga classes?

How do you engage your students and ensure they return each week?  In this workshop you will learn how and why correct planning and sequencing makes a big difference to your classes. Using the principles of Vinyasa Krama, you will discover:

How to structure your classes to ensure your students make meaningful progress
How carefully crafting the structure of your classes can improve class numbers
How thoughtful sequencing develops your professional skills

There is much more to planning a yoga class than picking a theme. This workshop will show you how to develop an intelligent framework for all your courses and classes. You’ll learn how applying the principles of Vinyasa Krama helps both you and your students develop greater continuity and deepen your practice and understanding of yoga. Discover the wonderful feeling of purpose and connection when you learn to plan your teaching more strategically.

Who’s Going?

Qualified yoga teachers who want to develop their professional skills, grow their classes and earn Yoga Australia CPD points.

“Thank you for a great workshop, Nikola. Really inspired me to lift my teaching and the experience for the yoga practitioners I am in contact with. This is the 2nd workshop I have done with you and think they were soooo worth it.” Karen Lenehan, Wagga Wagga

Meet the Teacher

Nikola Ellis is the founder of Adore Yoga and an experienced teacher trainer. A Level 3 (Yoga Australia) and E-RYT500 (Yoga Alliance) accredited teacher, she has been training and mentoring yoga teachers for over a decade. Nikola studies and teaches in the Viniyoga tradition, an approach that believes that yoga should be continually adapted to meet the needs of the individual student.