A 3-month-old newborn and juggling yoga time

Nothing beats the first time you hold your newborn baby. It’s like you’re in a bubble and time stands still, and then it stands still for the next six weeks as you become a human cow feeding every three hours. Days roll into nights which bleed into days which fall into nights.

It’s during this time that self-care becomes supremely important, especially now you have a newborn to look after. This tiny being depends on you for it’s very existence. And because I’m a yoga teacher, I must practice yoga for an hour everyday, right? Ha! I wish.

As a Mum of three kids under six, and a busy small business owner, finding one hour a day to practice yoga is simply not possible over the past three months, or even six years for that matter.

I need to demonstrate to my family and students what yoga is, so I must practice it in a thoroughly practical, accessible, family way. So, my personal mantra is EAT – SLEEP – YOGA NIDRA – REPEAT!

Continual breastfeeding means I need to eat well

When breast feeding every three hours, it’s hugely important to nourish my body with goodness and always be mindful of what I was eating because it gets passed to Baby Jasmin. This meant loads of organic fresh fruit and vegetables, wholefoods and other foods that keep my iron levels up.

Grab your sleep where you can

Especially in the early days, I take the opportunity to sleep when and where I can, sometimes being so tired that I’d fall asleep while sitting in bed with Jasmin in my arms. For the first three weeks, when Jasmin slept, I slept. The dishes, washing, and the rest could wait.

I could do this because I had a wonderful support network of friends and family. This was really important for me, as I was not just sleep deprived but also recovering from major surgery with a cesarean delivery.

Sleeping, Yoga Nidra, and rest

To help keep my cup full, I also made sure that everyday and I mean EVERYDAY when Jasmin went down in the afternoon, I went down to the sounds of my favourite Yoga Nidra recording from Byron Bay’s Lauren Tober.

Not that I can recall much of the Yoga Nidra during those first six weeks. It is said the one hour of doing Yoga Nidra is equal to four hours regular sleep. As Jasmin (and my) night-time sleeps got longer, the more I was present for my Yoga Nidra. It kept me feeling whole.

I am blessed to have three healthy happy kids. Everyday people ask me how I do it – kids, business, yoga teaching, and more. I respond ‘Yoga’. It YOGA that keeps me together.

It’s easy to overlook your yoga practice when you’ve got a newborn. But this is when it comes into its strength. Your practice changes as your life does. It shouldn’t look the same from one year to the next. That’s its strength, and its depth.