Yoga for Teen and Tween Girls

Growing up strong, confident and able.

What is Girls Yoga?

Yoga isn’t just about fitness, it is a centering practice too. Yoga allows a quiet moment of reflection and quiet ambition – with yoga, a growing mind can become more assured in thought and achieve their actions, from a tree pose, to taking control of the world around them.

We find that there aren’t many services for tween and teen girls to be with each other, in a safe space, to practice and exercise together. We made a space for this growth and wellness to happen.

Our classes and workshops are for teenage girls (12 – 17 years) and preteen girls, ‘tweens’ (9 – 12 years). They are led by a female teacher accredited with Kids Yoga Foundation.  

Benefits of Yoga for young women

  • Builds strength
  • Increases flexibility and muscle tone
  • Brings focus to the mind
  • Encourages physical and mental balance
  • Develops proper body alignment
  • Reduces stress
  • Encourages a sense of calm and peace
  • Increases lung capacity for better breathing

A class for every girl

Tween Girls Creative Yoga

Keep your tween active at this Wednesday after school yoga class! 

Navigating life can be really tough as a 9-12 year old girl. With the pressures of school, family life, social life, and social media, tweens get an opportunity to be themselves in a safe, non-competitive space. 

By practicing yoga, movement, meditation, journalling, art and other creative outlets, students will learn how to truly be the best version of themselves. We will invite healthy perspectives and thinking at this vital time of physical and emotional development. All while having fun and meeting new yoga friends!

The Program:

  • Check-in with a sister circle – welcome all new girls, we’ll talk about the week.
  • Body awareness and self care
  • Frequent discussions of our feelings and emotions
  • Accountability for how we affect ourselves and others
  • Learn basic yoga postures to set the foundation for a life time of healthy activity
  • Self regulation
  • Ease the pressures of life by taking a minute to breath, meditate and sit still.
  • Healthy expression and thinking through trying different artistic mediums.

Wednesdays 3:30-4:30pm 

When: Term 3  24th July-18th Sept

*Please note there is no class Ekka Public Holiday 14th Aug

Where: Shop 4, 105 Seville Rd, Holland Park
Cost: 8 week term $132 Prepaid

Call Lainie on 0458 771 073 to know more or book in your pre-teen today. 

Empowered Teen Yoga for Girls


At One Family Yoga & Fitness we are passionate about yoga and want the whole family to reap the benefits of this amazing discipline. As our beautiful community of Tweens have grown so to has the need for a specific teen girls class.

This class is specially designed to introduce teenage girls (12-17) to the practice of yoga.

It will:

  • Improve concentration and focus
  • Improve general body awareness
  • Boost self confidence and self esteem
  • Manage stress
  • Build strength
  • Promote better posture
  • Improve breathing
  • Promote the ability to be less reactive and
  • Promote respect for self and others and the list goes on.

8 week Teen Yoga for Girls

When: Term 3  26th July-13th Sept 2019. Fridays 3:45 – 4:45pm
Where: One Family Yoga & Fitness Studio, 105 Seville Rd, Holland Park
Cost: $132.00

Call Lainie on 0458 771 073 to know more or book in your teen today.

Teen Girls Lotus Flower Workshop 10-16 years

Unveiling the Lotus Flower within your Teen

The lotus flower: it blooms in the mud. Not only that, but it retreats back down into the mud every night, and rises back above it in the sunshine of each new day: petals clean and bright.

This workshop was created to empower our teen girls, to unlock their potential to not only help themselves but also to transform entire communities. We believe they are powerful drivers of change.

Katie and Lainie will guide your Teen girl to realise and acknowledge that just like the lotus flower they too can rise from muddy waters and bloom brilliantly pure as a gorgeous flower.

Workshop includes:

  • Yoga Class
  • Meditation and Self Realisation practice
  • Mantra to awaken the inner Lotus Flower and
  • a take home self-painted Mandala Canvas.

When: TBA 9:00am – 3:00pm
Where: One Family Yoga & Fitness Studio, 105 Seville Rd, Holland Park
Cost: $65 per person

Places are limited
*BYO lunch and waterbottle