Tone and strengthen with this proven exercise regimen

Pilates is practiced one of two ways: on a mat, or with a Reformer Pilates machine. The Reformer is a flat bed with pulleys, springs and sliding platform – a machine designed to create a wide array of push, pull, balance and strength exercises. The Reformer machine works best when the body is aligned, therefore correcting alignment issues naturally.


Your body will strengthen, tone and align as you bend, pull and stretch on Reformer machines. A surprisingly thorough workout!

Mat Classes

A series of exercises on the mat, using your own body resistance and strength. Mat gives you freedom of movement and alignment.

Mums & Bubs Yoga Pilates

A fusion of Yoga and Pilates that you can do with your baby. A wonderful bonding experience while you exercise.

6 week

Reformer Pilates course

This course is a must for new clients and great for existing clients to brush up on their technique.

In this session you learn the pilates principles and we will show you how to safely use the reformer machines.

Join our experienced instructor for this 6 Week Reformer Course to kick start your goal, whether that be to lose weight, tone, strengthen or more flexibility.

Registrations have opened and there are only 6 places available for quality of learning.

Commit to every Saturday for 6 weeks – feel the difference physically and mentally.

Not to mention how much stronger you feel when you are at your best and the niggly lower back takes a back seat for a while.
This course is suitable for all ages and abilities, Pilates benefits both your physical and mental wellbeing, enabling you to always feel and perform at your best.

When taught by our fabulous instructors who are highly trained and a professional Pilates teachers (not a video) you will be sure to see and feel the results in no time. Week by week they will take you through the different exercises and variations on the reformers so that YOU get the most from your workout.

How does Pilates help?

Pilates exercises work to strengthen the ‘core’, lengthen the spine and build muscle tone and increase body awareness, co-ordination and improve posture and flexibility. Our classes seek to educate each individual about their bodies by assisting them to understand how to use correct body alignment and muscle control in their every day activities.

Who benefits?

Pilates can benefit men and women of all ages, regardless of fitness level.


I’m injured – can I do Pilates?

Classes are suitable from the absolute beginner to the advanced participant.

Individuals perform exercises within their own limitations.

Highly customised support

Each lesson will be of the highest quality, providing each individual a positive experience from your highly qualified instructor.

Individuals are carefully supervised by a certified Instructor, who is constantly monitoring each person’s technique, as we recognise that quality instruction is the most important aspect of the delivery of a Pilates class.

Why not try our INTRODUCTORY OFFER – $30 for 3 Reformer Classes

This introductory offer can be used for Reformer (must pre-book *Failure to cancel a pre-booking 4 hours before for a Reformer class will result in 1 class being deducted from your pass.*)

*2 weeks trial (14 days) activates from date of purchase*

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