We love having a happy family

“I started yoga when my son gave me a Mother’s Day gift of an 8 week yoga course.
Now it is l5 years later and I have worked with several teachers of all styles of yoga.
I met Lainie 3 1/2 half years ago at a time when I did not feel I was getting anything from my practice.
Lainie has reenergised my love of yoga with her ability to keep the classes informative and challenging. Her knowledge of yoga philosophy and lifestyle inspires my thirst for more. She has a hands on approach, adjusting and correcting your poses so you can achieve as much as you can from a class.
Her studio always has a warm and nurturing atmosphere which is a total reflection of Lainie. You leave the studio feeling energised, balanced and calm.
My confidence in Lainie’s yoga has encouraged me to introduce her to my family and friends, who all practice with her now.
I see myself doing yoga with Lainie for many years to come.”
Gail Vlamos
“I have been practicing yoga regularly for years and it wasn’t until I became a student under Lainie’s guidance that I began to fully understand the journey that is mine through yoga. Lainie brings such experience, compassion and guidance into her classes. There is a wealth of knowledge, including the physical, spiritual and emotional. Her teaching of the ISHTA system has helped me enormously with so many aspects of my life.”
Sandy Cuneo
“I first started training with Victor at the beginning of 2012. Like most people looking to improve their fitness, I was cautious with my choice of personal trainer as I wanted to train with someone who I could clearly see (by watching them train other clients) had experience and patience.
I can still remember my first session with Victor very well. I told him that I wanted to learn “advanced” exercises. Looking back on that comment, it probably wasn’t such a good idea, as that is exactly what Victor offered me.
Actually, Victor has a whole repertoire of exercises at his disposal and has tought me how to perform them safely and also explains the benefits of doing them.
My session with Victor include a combination of strength, interval and circuit training. Throughout the course of the year, if I ask Victor for a particular change in my training, he adjusts it to suit.
Victor is excellent and remembering what you say during a session. Things like “that was too easy” or “I really like that particular exercise”. In the next session he will include something that you discussed before or changed something based on your feedback.
As you would expect (and hope), the sessions are challenging and Victor knows how far to push you and knows your strengths and capabilities.
I have seen great results throughout the course of the year with my strength and fitness levels and at 35 years of age, I’m glad I made the decision to choose a fantasic trainer like Victor.”
Mark Beeley
“Finally, a Personal Trainer who listens to his clients and does not stereo-type people with the “exercise till you drop” mentality.
Having been a member of a major gym for 11 years I have seen plenty of P.T.s at work and I cringe when watching what they put their clients through in a session.
None of them gave me any confidence that I would be in safe hands, working with them.
Then VICTOR come to the gym and I saw something different in him.
So, with my daughter’s wedding looming, I asked Victor to help me shape up.
We discussed my medical issues, which cause some challenges, and he wrote a program. For l8 weeks he worked with me, guiding me and adjusting my exercises to my body’s ability.
He challenged me to work out to my limits and kept reminding me of my goal, but never put me in danger of hurting myself.
This is what I believe a P.T. should do.
We achieved a great result. I felt fit, fabulous and ready for the wedding. Now my son and his wife train with Victor too.”
Gail Vlamos
“Having tried and failed in the past at achieving my fitness goals I decided to start excersing with the help of a personal trainer; I couldn’t have made a better decision.
I started training with Victor a year ago, and in that time I have managed to go from a body fat percentage of 25.5% to 14.5%; and shed 6 inches from my waist.
Victor’s encouraging and friendly personality enabled me to gain confidence in challenging myself and believing that I could achieve my fitness goals. Monthly measurements and fat testing have been a huge motivating factor.
He has taught me a great deal in terms of technique and ensuring exercises are performed in an appropriate manner. Victor’s workouts are always varied, and he is consistently teaching me new exercises and helping me to push the boundaries of what I think I can achieve. The workouts can be tough at times, but I know for a fact that I would never have achieved these results without his help.”
Rickdeep Duhra